Worthing Weight Loss

Worthing Boot Camp & Fitness


Worthing Weight Loss Boot Camp

12 Fat busting workouts

 Get rid of your flabby stomach and wobbly bits in 8 weeks!

Only 35.00

 Guaranteed or your money back 


Fitness and Weight Loss

The blunt truth about being overweight or skinny its 

not always your fault.


Are you fed up with feeling paranoid that people are talking about your



Trying to starve yourself for a couple of days to get in that dress or jeans for

the weekend?


Worried about going to a boot camp or gym with muscle bound sweaty

males and perfect looking gym bunnies?



We all know that lucky friend who eats cream cakes, Chinese takeaways most nights and never puts on a pound. A lot of weight problems including being skinny (which in some ways is harder to deal with than just wanting to lose a few pounds. Its all down to genetics in a lot of cases so its not your fault.


Can you lose weight if your genetics are loving and saving every calorie you eat? The answer is definitely yes I can say that with pure honesty I was always fit but always needed to shed 2 stone and for years I battled it. So yes you can be fit and fat.



Im a martial arts trainer, I train MMA fighters who need to lose weight quickly and in the right way after gaining 1-2 stone between fights. So I devised a fat burning weight loss blueprint for MMA fighters and I tested it out on myself. In the first eight weeks I lost 2 and half stone and I can hand on heart say I have never put it back on.


I only have a limited number of 10 spaces available.

Call now to avoid disappointment.




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