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How to avoid drink spiking

Every year in the UK, hundreds of people are thought to be victims of drink spiking, where alcohol or drugs are added to someone's drink without them knowing. In some cases, so-called 'date rape drugs' may be used to spike a drink before a sexual assault.

How to avoid drink spiking

If your drink has been spiked, it's unlikely that you will see, smell or taste any difference. Some drugs, such as GHB, may taste slightly salty or smell unusual.

If you start to feel strange or more drunk than you should be, get help immediately.

Binge drinking, where you drink lots of alcohol in a short space of time, can increase the risk of having your drink spiked or being the victim of a sexual assault. 

Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially in unfamiliar situations. You could lose control, make risky decisions and become less aware of danger.

The following steps may also help prevent drink spiking:

  • Never leave your drink unattended and keep an eye on your friends' drinks.
  • Don't accept a drink from someone you don't know.
  • Consider sticking to bottled drinks and avoiding punch bowls or jugs of cocktails.
  • Don't give out your address to someone you've just met.
  • If you think your drink has been tampered with, don't drink it Ė tell a trusted friend or relative immediately.
  • Before going out, let someone know where you're going and what time you expect to be home.
  • Make plans for your journey home.
  • Avoid taking expensive equipment with you or anything that could be a target for thieves.
  • If you are travelling abroad, be aware of the local area and where you can find help.

Some bars provide plastic stopper devices, such as lids to put on bottles, which can reduce the risk of your drink being spiked. However, these stoppers won't stop you consuming a drink that has been spiked with additional alcohol.

They may also provide kits to test your drink, but these donít test for every kind of drug and often don't work.

What should I do if I think my drink has been spiked?

First, tell someone you completely trust, such as:

  • a close friend
  • a relative
  • a medical professional
  • the police

If you aren't with anyone, call someone you trust and get to a safe place. Ask to use a phone if yours has been stolen.

If you need urgent help, call 999. Be wary of accepting help from a stranger and donít leave with someone you donít know.

If you feel unwell, someone you trust should take you to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department. Tell the medical staff that you think your drink has been spiked.

 Arrange for a trusted friend or relative to take you home and stay with you until the drugs have fully left your system.

Report it to the police as soon as you can. They may ask you to provide blood and urine samples.

Most drugs leave the body within 72 hours of being taken (the date rape drug GHB leaves the body within 12 hours), so it's important to be tested as soon as possible.

If you are abroad, get help from a travel representative, local medical services or ask a bar or hotel manager to call local police. You can also find contact details for the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate on GOV.UK.

Phsical assault and robbery following a spiked drinky

If you have been physically assaulted, robbed, or both, you should report this to the police. They will want any information you have about your attackers, such as:

  • if you knew them
  • what they looked like
  • the circumstances that led to the attack
  • what happened during the attack
  • what was taken

The police will need to keep a record of your injuries, and you may need to receive medical treatment.

If you've been sexually assaulted following drink spiking

If you have been sexually assaulted, you should get medical attention as soon as possible. You may need tests to determine whether you have any sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or whether you are pregnant.

You don't have to report an attack to the police immediately if you don't want to.

You can contact any of the following places for advice, treatment or referral to a specialist service (such as a forensic examination):

Any forensic evidence that is obtained during tests can be stored while you decide whether to report the attack to the police.


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