Worthing Karate Martial Arts Academy


Worthing Combat Karate

Class Fees

No Joining Fees-No Grading Fees for children

Adult Karate Classes   

Tuesday 8.00 PM

& Thursday 8.00 PM

30 per month 8 sessions or 6 per session

Traditional Karate 8 Sessions


Self Defence

Tuesday 8.00 - 9.30 PM



40 per calendar month

Self Defence Combat 4 Sessions

or 12 per session

Self Defence Course 

Fully intensive

4 hours course every month

35 per person min 4 people

4 hour Self Defence Course

Childrens Classes

Tuesday 4.30 - 5.30

Thursday 4.30 - 5.30


20 per calendar month

30 per month 2 sessions

Price per month for 1 or 2 sessions per week
Adult Traditional Karate license 20

British Combat Association License 35   Click to Print out license  0001.jpg (587312 bytes)

Children's Karate license 18 

Adult Traditional Karate uniform 25

Children's Traditional Karate uniform 18

Belts 6

Grading fees 10 (FREE under 16s)

Combat Karate

Personal Protection

Childrens Classes

Womens Self Defence

Weight Loss

Private Tuition

Conflict Management


Personal Safety Tips

Workshops & Courses



David Oakley is a registered Physical Intervention trainer & Fully qualified conflict management trainer

30 years study of martial arts and combative training on the pavement arena.

Members of www.britishcombatkarate.co.uk

Call us now on 07736 399 640 or Email us on worthingkarateacademy@hotmail.com

Fully insured and CRB checked.