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This is perfect for you If you want:
1. No tie in Contracts - never ever
2. Your Children to learn genuine life and educational skills (see our clock kick mats) and be active in something that's fun
3. To learn with a Black Belt instructor of over 20 years
4. To really give your children valuable skills
A fully CRB & DBS checked instructor.

Fitness Exercises
Specially designed games are included in the warm up exercises to keep the students motivated, and at the same time all types of karate movements are learned to help with co-ordination and balance as well as all round fitness.

During classes children get to learn math's and spelling skills without even realising it.

Confidence and understanding what to do if a stranger approaches them physically. 
Student will gain confidence in their ability to understand danger inside and outside the class.

Respect is a very important part of Martial Arts training. In the days of the Samurai he respected himself, and all others, even his enemies. It is very important to have this respect inside and outside the training hall (dojo) as it is the bridge to mutual understanding and ultimately to peaceful co-existence with others.

Self Control
When practicing with other students self control of ones' actions is very important as to not hurt each other.

The way Karate is taught to Children at the club seems to improve their self discipline, concentration levels, and their focus a great deal.

This is because the student uses the mind and physical action at the same time to a precise set of instructions.

This helps the student at school and later on in their lives. The art of concentration is to learn to ignore distractions and clear the mind of all thoughts, except for the task that is being done at the time.

Self Discipline and Etiquette
We like to teach Martial Arts Discipline, but in a relaxed way. Discipline in the Training Hall (Dojo) is very important for safety and an essential part of teaching a Martial Art.

Self Defence & Anti-Bullying
Within the syllabus children are taught awareness of different situations and personal safety practices and at the same time have fun and enjoy the classes.


I don't tie parents into contracts. All fees are listed below with no hidden costs.


Class fees 6 per session or 20 per month

Children's Karate license 16

Children's Traditional Karate uniform 20

Belts 5

Gradings FREE 


Classes at: West Worthing Tennis Club Titnore Way, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3RT

Childrens Karate Tuesday & Thursday 4.30 PM




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David Oakley is a registered Physical Intervention trainer & Fully qualified conflict management trainer


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Fully insured and CRB checked.