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Traveling abroad without the knowledge of

self protection is like going to sea without a

life  jacket!

One of the most important factors in keeping safe while traveling anywhere in the world is situational awareness. But be aware situational awareness will be completely different when walking the beaches of southern Australia to walking around the Bronx or  Brooklyn New York. The beaches in south Australia are far safer than the Bronx, but on the other hand the Bronx will seem like a walk in the park compared to certain locations in South America or Africa. Its all relative.

On this page you will find useful tips and links to other websites to help you stay safe. Its worth remembering your wallet, camera and valuables are not worth dying for, should you be forced to give them up.

Also remember 9 times out of 10 when you are selected by a predator for being robbed that's all he or she will want and will quickly disappear once they have got what they want.

Then we have the other type of predator, the one who wants to sexually attack you, hurt you, kidnap you and maybe kill you to avoid any chance of you being a witness to their crimes against you. (This is where my training and back packer course comes in to play)

I have spent the last 30 years studying conflict management and working with different organizations to understand how predators select their victims.

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Here are some tips that can help keep you safer.

1. Be Aware!!!
Constant awareness of your environment is your best defense. Always be alert, whether you are in your car, on the street, or accommodation.
Have a plan of action
2. Play a mental "what if" game. Where would you go and what would you do should a dangerous situation occur?
3. Trust your instincts
Research shows that most assault victims had a feeling something was wrong just before they were attacked.
4. Take notice be aware if you are suddenly getting beautiful people paying unwanted attention to you.
5. Keep your senses free. Don't wear radio headphones, large hats, or other devices that make it difficult for you to sense an attacker. Be alert at all times.
6. If you can afford a tracker GPS phone get one. (Keep extra batteries and charger units if you are planning any type of outback).
7. Try and blend in, human predators are no different to predators in the animal kingdom, they will target group outsiders, people who look lost and are not in their normal environments

8. Always have a plan an exit route out of your accommodation in an emergency, and when planning a walk through unknown territory, urban or bush always look at places you can get help before you leave.

9. Full First Aid kit and plenty of water especially when traveling in unpopulated areas.

The most important thing when it comes to physical violence is do all that you can to avoid it. But when someone threatens your very existence you must be prepared to strike back with an attitude that dictates the outcome of the fight in your favor.

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Don't go to a pure traditional martial arts classes for Self Defence they are totally unrealistic and will get you in more trouble or worse!

There are those who will attack you without question or morals
because they simply feel they can!

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I can teach you how to use what you have got to your best advantage. The best way to have any sort of advantage is to know the absolute truth even if its a very un-comfortable truth to know.


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I Worked as a bouncer for 15 years and so understand what its like to fight for real. My attackers were the best tutors anyone could wish for, they made sure I never made a mistake and made me learn very fast. The knowledge I give you, may one day save your life. My classes cover many aspects of personnel safety. Experience the adrenaline drop for real and find out who you really are. The ugly truth of a violent attack.  The police won’t be there to help you when it comes to your survival, therefore, you are entirely on your own. If a violent predator targets you, what you do in the first moments of the encounter may decide if you live or die.

David Oakley is a registered Physical Intervention trainer & Fully qualified conflict management trainer

30 years study of martial arts and combative training on the pavement arena.

The most important thing when it comes to physical violence is do all that you can to avoid it. But when someone threatens your very existence you must be prepared to strike back with an attitude that dictates the outcome of the fight in your favor, your life will depend on it !

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